What Is Integrative Oncology?

Integrative oncology combines a selection of therapies and general lifestyle practices that will assist you in healing, handle the side effects of therapy, and improve your overall quality of life before, during, and after "cancer" became a part of your life. Therapies incorporated into your care plan fall under the categories of nutrition, touch, movement, and mindfulness.

Examples include:

Music, arts, and expressive therapy


Yoga and other forms of physical exercise


Lymphatic Massage


Lifestyle Nutrition

Intravenous therapies such as high dose vitamin c and ozone

What Are the Benefits of Integrative Oncology?

Intravenous therapies chosen in an oncology program are those who have been demonstrated most effective in helping patients with the most common side effects associated with cancer and its therapy.

Alternative medicine users more knowledgeable, earn more than others

A resilient and courageous heart will set a template for wellness inside, and the answers will come to them, in faith, from nature, from within. People who have struggled with their own health problems and overcame them through personal study and implementation have found that alternativemedicine is not alternative at all. It's the real deal. Nature is alive with answers, and healing starts within. The very things deemed "alternative" by society's standards are really the foundation for optimal wellness. Whether it's organic fruits and vegetables, medicinal roots and berries, or flowering herbs and spices, the alternative is really the foundation. Complementary health practices like yoga and meditation, chiropractic care, acupuncture and detoxification strategies promote quality of life, but very few people understand how these practices can restore their mind, body and spirit.