About us

Company Name: Changchun Zicheng e-commerce Co., Ltd.

Company Address: Room 602, Building 1, Building B3, Northwest Lake Science and Technology Park Supporting Residential Project (Phase I), Shengbei Street, Beihu Science and Technology Development Zone, Changchun City

Business scope: Online trade agency; sales and use of the Internet to sell daily necessities, electronic products, clothing, shoes and hats, household goods, knitting textiles, medical equipment, cultural goods, Wujinjiaodian, metal materials, agricultural and sideline products, sanitary products, health food, and Packaged food, bulk food, primary agricultural products, native products, cleaning supplies, toys, outdoor supplies, labor protection supplies, photographic equipment, metal materials and products, rubber and plastic products, audio equipment and equipment, mechanical and electrical equipment and accessories, packaging materials, cosmetics , Handicrafts; goods import and export; web design and production; marketing planning (projects subject to approval in accordance with the law can only be carried out after approval by relevant departments).